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UKAAPS 3rd Annual Meeting @ Aesthetics Medicine Live 2018


Course date: 17th March 2018


President: Prof Jim Frame, Chelmsford

Course Convenor: Mr Shailesh Vadodaria, London


Note: Each presentation is of 7 minutes

Time Speaker Topic
Chairpersons: Charles Malata, Cambridge/Fahmey Fahmey, Chester
10.00am Jonathan Britto, London Blepharoplasty
  Amin Kalaaji, Oslo, Norway Nose Q new device for quality of life in 201 rhinoplasty patients
  Humzah Dalvi Toxin tips in practice


  Tariq Ahmed, Cambridge Buccal fat debulking
  James McDiarmid, Plymouth Facial Implantology
  Brent Tanner The evolution of laser skin resurfacing from CO2 to fractional fusion lasers- lives transformed
  Shank Shankar, Leicester The scope of laser in aesthetic plastic surgery practice
Chairpersons: Patrick Tansley, Melbourne
11.00am Mohammed Riaz, Hull Bilateral breast reduction
  Amin Kalaaji, Oslo, Norway Buttock fat graft
  Shailesh Vadodaria, London Personal perspective of correction of gynaecomastia
  Adrian Richards, MIRAR and MIRRAR procedures – innovative techniques for reconstructing post-augmented breast
  Navin Cavale, London Bilateral breast augmentation
  Ali Juma, Liverpool The V side Mastopexy
  Stephno Cortufo VASER liposuction of neck and lower face : pilot study for a new technique.
Chairperson: Brent Tanner, Tunbridge Wells/ Peter McDonald, London
12.00pm Peter McDonald, London Role of expert witness in medicolegal case
    Effects on doctor’s insurance and proficient career
  Sailesh Mehta (Barrister), London Complaints to court
  Naomi Di – Scala, London Medical indemnity insurance
  Kate Zadah, London Public relation in aesthetic industry
  Steven Handiside, London How to measure your practice from the inside out
  Pam Underdown, London Secrets of successful aesthetic practice
  Atul Khanna Expert witness in aesthetic surgery: keeping a fine balance between professional and regulatory bodies
Chairperson: Basim Matti, London/Dalvi Humzah, Wolverhampton
2.00pm Tariq Ahmed, Cambridge The intra oral route to the buccal fat pad and its uses.

Manipulation with stability of the nasal tip.

  Taimur Shoaib, Glasgow Closed rhinoplasty
  Jonathan Britto, London Midface lift
  Humzah Dalvi Injectable implants – getting to the right place
  Amin Kalaaji, Oslo, Norway Correction of Asian eye
  Navin Cavale, London Seamless departure from commercial cosmetic clinic “Good bye”
Chairperson: Shank Shankar, Leicester/Andrew Burd, Hong Kong
3.00pm Amin Kalaaji, Oslo, Norway Autologous fat grafting for aesthetic breast augmentation
  Tariq Ahmed, London Safe prominent ear correction without permanent sutures
  Ivo Gwanmesia. London The Fulcrum Spreader Graft as an alternative technique
  Shailesh Vadodaria A new traffic light system for liposuction: Implications, use of this system for training of plastic surgeons and counselling of the patients
  Jaffer Khan, Dubai Live demonstrations – Botulinum toxin and fillers (30 minutes)
Chairperson: Tariq Ahmed, Cambridge
4.00-5.00pm Amin Kalaaji, Oslo, Norway New method for surgical correction of inverted nipples
  Brent Tanner, Tunbridge Wells Abdominoplasty
  Humzah Dalvi, Wolverhampton Navel gazing – Umbilicoplasty revisited
  Riccardo Fratti, London Vaser liposuction
  Shank Shankar, Leicester From clinical governance to revalidation for aesthetic plastic surgeons
  Patrick Tansley, Melbourne, Australia Spontaneous regression and resolution of Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma – Implications for research, diagnosis and clinical management
5.00- 5.30pm Brent Tanner/Vadodaria Open house discussion – How I managed my disaster. (All are requested to send their difficult cases, complications before 1st March 2018).


UKAAPS was formed to play a fundamental role in educating the public on the benefits and risks associated with Plastic Surgery. UKAAPS is the only UK association whose membership is only available to fully accredited plastic surgeons that practice non-surgical aesthetics and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery.

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