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Message from the President to Mr Paul Levick FRCS – Andromastia Reduction

From the President of UKAAPS, Professor J D Frame, to Retired Plastic Surgeon Mr Paul Levick.

“Dear Paul,

I had the privilege of seeing Mr F today with his wife.  This is the man who we did the ‘UKAAPS Live Surgery Andromastia Reduction’, via tiny wounds in each axilla, as featured in your Chapter within our book.  Without your patient supervision I would never have had the opportunity to learn this procedure.  If you remember, I was struggling and made the excuse that the instruments were not long enough, which was only partially responsible, of course !

I was seeing Mr F today and he went out of his way to say thank you, to you in particular and to me, for absolutely transforming his life and giving him the confidence, in all circumstances, to take off his top.  He well remembers your pre-operative consultation relating your own personal experience, as do those you have helped over the very many years of your career as the UK’s leading Aesthetic Surgeon.  Wonderful result, obviously with no scars.

Hope Gail and your good self are enjoying well earned retirement.

Jim Frame ”

For those interested in learning more about this technique, it is available as text and video within our book, inspired by UKAAPS Members and presented at the UKAAPS/AML Live Conference in 2014.

Aesthetic Surgery Techniques – A Case Based Approach. Frame JD, Bagheri SC, Smith DJ, Khan HA, Elsevier 2018

UKAAPS was formed to play a fundamental role in educating the public on the benefits and risks associated with Plastic Surgery. UKAAPS is the only UK association whose membership is only available to fully accredited plastic surgeons that practice non-surgical aesthetics and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery.

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