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ISAPS 2018 Miami

UKAAPS is part of the ISAPS Global Alliance dedicated to improving training and education for Plastic Surgeons in Aesthetic Surgery and in Patient Safety.  There are exciting programmes developing for the future.

(Right to Left)

Professor Jim Frame, UKAAPS President, with incoming ISAPS President Dirk Richter, Cologne, and Russian Federation Plastic Surgeon and ISAPS Global Alliance Partner, Kirill Pshenisnov.

The Miami ISAPS Conference has just finished. There was something for everyone and for those that couldn’t attend there were webinar opportunities. Patient Safety is always uppermost in the ISAPS philosophy. The structure of sessions was exceptional describing responsible marketing, legal protection, insurance, patient selection and a host of masterclass sessions from some of the World’s finest Plastic Surgeons. Paramount in the thought process of the Global Alliance is the potential to seek advice from partners from 63 nations with a total membership of over 3,000 members. It has taken many years of hard work from ISAPS Committee members but finally we are down to discussing the possibility of ISAPS Board Certification in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery after a period of training at Regional Internationally recognised Centres and the recognition of Aesthetic Surgery as a Superspecialty.

The next ISAPS Conference in Cologne 2019 is a must for all Plastic Surgeons seriously interested in expanding their horizons in the Aesthetics Field.

UKAAPS was formed to play a fundamental role in educating the public on the benefits and risks associated with Plastic Surgery. UKAAPS is the only UK association whose membership is only available to fully accredited plastic surgeons that practice non-surgical aesthetics and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery.

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