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Challenging Regulations and Accreditation in Cosmetic Surgery

It is now clear from a Manchester study that NHS Plastic Surgery trainees are NOT trained in Aesthetic Surgery, yet receive a CCT of competency in all aspects of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery on completion of training.

With the RCS seeking BAPRAS and BAAPS support to encourage their Members to “voluntarily” pay to accredit in Aesthetic Surgery competency, based on anatomical regions of the body, with no practical evidence of ability, knowledge or outcomes, it is incumbent on the UKAAPS to challenge the current philosophy. The proposed new regulations have no basic foundation or practicality that could possibly serve to protect patients.

UKAAPS Members and other surgeons are invited to attend a Round Table Discussion at The Reform Club, in London, in the spring 2018. No date has been finalized but Members are invited to express an interest in attending by contacting UKAAPS administration, .

My view is that a UKAAPS appointed Committee of highly experienced Plastic Surgeons visit Member and interested surgeons around the country, to examine practical ability, experience and clinical outcomes. UKAAPS would offer a University Certification in relevant competencies which would contribute towards Revalidation.

As always, I am open to alternative suggestions and opinions, which could be discussed at The Reform Club where a UKAAPS Court of Certification could also be appointed.


Best Wishes to all

Jim Frame

Professor of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Anglia Ruskin University

UKAAPS was formed to play a fundamental role in educating the public on the benefits and risks associated with Plastic Surgery. UKAAPS is the only UK association whose membership is only available to fully accredited plastic surgeons that practice non-surgical aesthetics and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery.

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